9 ways to include your pets in your wedding day

nine ways to include pets in your wedding day even when they can't be there!

I love when couples come to me for custom wedding invitations and want to include their pets into their wedding stationery. I believe your wedding invites should reflect your style and lives together, and furry family members (and feathered, and scaly and everything in between) are such a big part of a couple’s lives together! It got me thinking about other unique ways couples can incorporate their dogs, cats, and any furry friends into their wedding day.

1. Include your pet in your engagement photos

Whether you take pictures at home, or in your favorite spot, you will always be able to look back at what your little family looked like before the wedding. And of course, you can use the moments captured on your save the dates too!

Maine Engagement Photography by Jamie Mercurio

2. Incorporate your pet into your wedding invitations

I love being able to add a little illustration of a couple’s pets into their wedding invites in some way. Be it a custom illustration of their dog on their envelopes, or the main star on their save the dates. The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing your wedding stationery when you hire a custom stationery designer and illustrator like myself.

custom pet portrait save the date and wedding invitations
Custom Pet Portrait Save the Date by The Chatty Press

3. Customize the socks, ties and pocket squares

Color coordination is necessary, sure. You can go the extra mile and customize the little details too. Like this pair of socks with the couple’s dogs face that every guy in the wedding party wore.

Maine Wedding Photography by LAD Photography

4. Personalize your attire with an embroidered portrait

There are so many talented embroidery artists (maybe you are one yourself!) so why not have a custom portrait of your pet made right on your wedding dress. Of course, you could also hide it on the lining of your dress if you love the idea but want something a little less bold!

Wedding Dress by Tara Lynn Bridal | Embroidered Brooch by Warm Nosed Fox

5. Wear a locket with a photo of your pet enclosed

Wear it around your neck, pin it inside a jacket, or tie it around the bouquet. It’s a simple way to keep your pet close on your wedding day when they can’t physically be with you.

6. Include your dog or cat in the ceremony

Of course, not every venue is pet-friendly, but this is the ultimate way to involve your pets in your wedding, having them be a part of it. Walk down the aisle with them, or as part of the recessional! Just make sure you have someone to watch your furry friend during the ceremony – so you can focus on each other! And don’t forget to take time for some portraits together too!

New England Wedding Photography by Sarah Morrill

7. Name a cocktail or appetizer after them

A super cute way to honor your pet at your reception. Rocky’s Rum Punch or Ms. Kitty’s Mojito is sure to be a hit with your guests and the perfect opportunity for a little custom illustration too!

8. Have your pastry artist to incorporate them into your cake, or custom cookies

It’s the little details that make a wedding unique, and this is a fantastic way to add a little bit of playfulness into your wedding day. Be it with a custom sculpted cake, or sugar cookies like these, or even a custom cake topper, whatever you choose it’s sure to bring a smile to your face thinking about all the love you have for each other and your pets on your wedding day.

Custom Pet Portrait Cookies by Custom New England Baker Sweet Cheeks by Renee

9. Ask for a donation to your favorite animal rescue

In leu of gifts, you can ask guests to donate to your favorite animal charity, or gift supplies for a local animal shelter. Just imagine how good it will feel to help out some animals who aren’t as lucky as yours.

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