Etsy Goes Public! And I was there!

I was so honored that Etsy invited me to help celebrate the launch of their IPO (initial public offering) when they started trading last week on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Honored, isn’t even the right word. more like shocked! I have been a seller on etsy since 2008 with my shop Peppersprouts, and I opened the chattypress on etsy 3 years later in 2011, but i never thought they would invite me to be part of something so big! I drove down from Massachusetts on Wednesday evening, had dinner at etsy headquarters in Brooklyn ( and waved to my old apartment fro the BQE) and then spent the night in Times Square, which is really weird if you have ever lived in New York before. In the morning I took part in the bell ringing ceremony at the NASDAQ in Times Square, and got to meet so many amazing sellers, and members of the etsy team! It was a little surreal and so much fun. There was also a market set up in belly of times square, where many of my fellow sellers were able to sell their handmade and vintage goods! It was just incredible. I truly am thankful

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DIY Tutorial: Embossed Envelopes

Embossing is a fun way to add a wow factor to your envelopes and notecards. This stamping technique looks beautiful on dark colored envelopes and just as impressive on a simple white notecard. Once heat set, embossing powder creates a permanent raised surface, resulting in a little extra special wow-factor for your invitations and greeting cards. For this project you will need: • Rubber Stamps ( I used the Serif Script Address Stamp ) • Pigment Ink Pad ( Colorbox in Frost White ) • Embossing Powder ( Colorbox embossing powder in silver ) • Envelopes or paper ( A6 Envelopes from paper source ) • A used dryer sheet or an embossing buddy • Embossing Heat Tool • A sheet of plain scrap paper • Optional ( small paint brush) Step 1: Prepare your paper surface. Lay your envelope or notecard on top of a plain sheet of paper ( printer paper or a old newspaper is great ). Make sure you are working on a very hard surface, when in doubt an oversized hardcover book comes in handy. Gently wipe your working surface with a used dryer sheet (or an embossing buddy) will help keep stray embossing powder

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