How to address your Wedding Invitations

We get so used to the digital way of communicating with our friends and family, that when it’s time to send out your invitations you may find yourself a bit frazzled. Even once you get your Great Aunt Edna’s new address from your mother you’re still not quite sure how to properly address her invitation. Well fear not! Here’s a quick guide to show you how to address you wedding invitations and get them into the mail in no time flat!

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How to add some sparkle to your Holiday cards!

Bells are jingling, fires are crackling and you are getting ready to send your Christmas cards out to family and friends! This year I’ve got the perfect way fancy-up your envelopes, and keep your handwriting extra straight with this handy Embossing tutorial.

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Discover lots of creative classes at skillshare

I used to drool over all the cool classes in my college course catalog I really wanted to take, but they never seemed to fit into my schedule! And when they did they always filled up before I could register! Well skillshare is here to make all your “wish I could take that watercolor class” dreams come true! Plus I’ve got a skillshare discount to share with you!

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DIY: Stamp a Muslin Bag

It’s so easy to personalize cotton bags for your next party! I’ll show you how! Supplies: Muslin or Cotton Bags (etsy or amazon ) Craft Ink Rubber Stamp (I’m using this wedding Initials Stamp) Scrap Paper & Scrap Fabric Iron Once you have all your supplies gathered, You’ll want to test your stamp on a scrap piece of paper. Gently ink your stamp and made a test print on the paper, just so you can get a feel for how it stamps and how much pressure you want to apply. Once you are comfortable stamping on the paper. It’s time to grab your bag. If your bag is really wrinkly, you may want to give it a quick press with the iron, so that you have a smooth stamping surface. Lay your bag on a hard surface. Ink your stamp up once again (not too much ink!) and then line your stamp up where you want it hovering over the bag. you want to stamp straight up and down and gently press your stamp onto the bag and then lift the stamp off. You don’t need to rock your stamp, or put your full body weight into it. If you

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My favorite Holiday Pandora Stations

Tis the season to put on a little music and start wrapping those gifts, baking those cookies or just sit by the fire and read a great book! I love to listen to some christmas music while I’m working ( especially when I am designing holiday items in the middle of July!) So here are a few of my favorite pandora stations to get you in the Holiday Spirit! Rockin’ Holidays Radio – A classic station with a mix of new and old rockin’ Holiday Songs Indie Holidays – Dashboard. Belle & Sebastian, She and Him ( holiday music for the hipster soul) The Waitresses – My all time favorite Christmas song! Rockin Around The Christmas Tree – Classic up beat classics like the Beach Boys & Dean Martin What Christmas Means to Me – A little Motown Christmas with the Jackson 5 & Stevie Wonder Holly Jolly Christmas – A little Bing Crosby anyone?  

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