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I used to drool over all the cool classes in my college course catalog I really wanted to take, but they never seemed to fit into my schedule! And when they did they always filled up before I could register! Well skillshare is here to make all your “wish I could take that watercolor class” dreams come true! Plus I’ve got a skillshare discount to share with you!

Want to take a quick class on hand lettering? Or how about the basics of photoshop? Looking to improve your photography skills? At skillshare you can take short bite size classes from other creatives and professionals without having to take out another student loan!

I just got done crafting a class about the basics of designing for laser cutting! I’ll teach you how to make a wood brooch in adobe illustrator ( with a little help from one of my favorite laser cutting services). You can take the class at your own pace, and I’ll pop into the discussion section to answer questions and cheer you along!

The best part is… This awesome discount I get to pass on to you! for just $0.99 you get access to all the classes on skillshare not just mine for three whole months! ( it’s normally 10/month so yeah a pretty sweet savings!) There are so many awesome classes to take, here are a few of my favorites!


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