How to address your Wedding Invitations

We get so used to the digital way of communicating with our friends and family, that when it’s time to send out your invitations you may find yourself a bit frazzled. Even once you get your Great Aunt Edna’s new address from your mother you’re still not quite sure how to properly address her invitation. Well fear not! Here’s a quick guide to show you how to address you wedding invitations and get them into the mail in no time flat!

Your Single Friends

Just be on your best behavior and address your single friends with their full names. Men can be addressed as Mr. and women can be addressed as Ms. You may also choose to use Miss. if they are under 18 or if you know they prefer that ( my sister likes Miss. better than Ms.)




Guests with a significant other

Just use their formal names and the appropriate titles. Typically the man’s name will go first. If they are not living together and you are really are only good friends with the woman, you just happen to know she has been dating Trevor for the past 10 months and you want her to be able to bring him along, You can address it with her name first, and send it to her address.



Your Married Friends (Same last Name)

This is the no brainer! Just use the Mr. and Mrs. title and then the Husbands’ first and last name. Easy Peasy!



Your Married Friends (Different last Name)

This one is important! If your married friends chose to keep their names the same, you simply address them as such. For the ladies the correct title is Ms. ( not Mrs.), you may also put the ladies name first if they do not share a last name, either is acceptable.



Same Sex Couples

Pretty much the same rules apply as above! If they do not share a last name, simply address them with the correct Mr. or Ms. title and List their full names. If you are not sure who to list first, just use their last names in alphabetical order. If they share a last name, the same rules apply for any married couple.




Married couple invited with their children

There are a few ways you can address and envelope to the entire family. If you are using an inner envelope as part of your invitation, you can also informally address each invited guest by name there.




Married couple where the Woman out ranks the Man

I don’t mean she wears the pants in the family! This example is when the woman has a title before her name (Like Doctor or Judge) while the man does not. If they share a last name, you would address it as Dr. Kathryn and Mr. William Price. If their last names are different use the formal names for both guests, Dr. Sarah Thomas and Mr. Henry Rice.

dr-outrank-same-name drs-mrsout-rank


A couple who are both Doctors

This one is kind of fun! Two ways of addressing this couple, I prefer The Doctors Kepner, it just sounds super fancy, or perhaps the start of a really great book!

drs-same-name-2 drs-same-name

I hope this helps you get through all your invitation addressing needs! If you have a question about a tricky guest, and how to address them, let me know! I’ll happily help you out! And if you are looking for a fool proof way to keep your writing straight and on point, check out the lettermate! I couldn’t address an envelope without one!




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